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    I’m in…we can plan W&W…lol



    Sorry for the late replies gents.

    @Greenhorn – yes, on the glacier. However I took a very hard fall on the black under the cable car, where there was only a fairly slim covering of snow over the rock-hard ice, and I have properly knackered my shoulder. Can’t ride anything atm. Awaiting MRI….

    @Kev – yes, Torotrail is great, I’ve been a couple of times and I’ve been with several other operators and this one is very well run – Lyndon who owns it is a top bloke. However as a result he is almost permanently booked with return custom, it’s really difficult to get a place, I’ve seen his 2015 calendar and it’s already a case of having to snap up the odd available day here and there. We wanted to book a group of 6 for 2015 and there were only 2 dates remaining available! Happy to have a chat about it one of these meets. Some off the other operators are, shall we say, “less than recommended” for various reasons.


    Chico Lanzerote

    I’m afraid I’m a ‘no-show’ this month due to needs of aged (and quite mental) aunt.

    Happy Christmas to all. See you in the new year.



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