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chances of getting a job. Do the things you need to do, no matter how you may feel. Take the actions that will get you a job. Don’t just do busywork and convince yourself that you are working hard to get a job. For example, what do you think is the most effective way to look for a job? Well, most of the research and opinions of the professions indicate that some form of personal contact (for example, personal networking, using recruiters or placement professionals, contacting your school) accounts for approximately 70% of new hires. On the other hand, the Internet accounts for (at best) maybe 10%, and probably below 5%. But guess how most job seekers spend their time? Right on the Internet. Guess what they avoid most? Right personal networking. Why? Because sitting at your computer is a lot easier and a lot more pleasant than personal networking. Too many people who lose their jobs also lose the feeling that they make a difference that their work counts for something. Without knowing or

Stieglitz, whom O’Keeffe married in 1924. (Stieglitz, by the way, created his
own "equivalents," the title he gave a series of cloud photographs, but was less enamored of New Mexico than his wife.) A steady trickle of modern artists and collectors traveled to New Mexico, which offered Americans a way to both expand and break with European traditions and trends. Stuart Davis, who helped introduce cubism to the United States, pins his interest in flat, stylized representation to the region in his 1923 work titled "Still Life with Map, New Mexico." Victor Higgins my new favorite old artist wasn’t a Modernist, but he, too, was inspired by the local culture and powerful scenery of New Mexico to create what he felt was uniquely American art. His 1928 oil painting
"Petunias" is simple, vivid, charming and moody. Higgins was an early member of the Taos Society of Artists, one of several art collectives that blossomed during this time. Other key figures who helped shape

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Articles Connexes:

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