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Business of the Week There’s been a culinary trend catching on lately: high quality ingredients, simply cooked, with no frills. By coincidence, that’s precisely the Greek way of cooking, and a trend that’s been
interpreted with great success at Okeanos, the under the radar Greek restaurant that opened in January of 2010 on Seventh Avenue and Eighth Street. Owner Tommy Mamounas also owns the neighborhood fixture Donuts Coffee Shop a couple doors down, and decided to open the restaurant in order to "show our Greek heritage," he explained. "We’ve run the coffee shop for the past 20 years, and wanted to provide something else to enhance the community. This type of restaurant was nonexistent around here two years ago: simple, fresh Greek cuisine, with a modern twist. It’s refined food, because diners in this neighborhood are refined." Okeanos means "the deep sea," explained general manager Stephanie Voulgaris, who joined the team five months ago and has since fine

Sex change surgery policy ‘nutty’ A possible Labour Party policy forfree gender reassignment surgery has been dismissed as "nutty" by the Government. The Labour Party could end up voting on the policy for free gender reassignment surgery after the idea was passed at two regional party conferences. Labour’s general secretary Tim Barnett said the proposal came from Young Labour, who want to ensure there’s access to hormone replacement therapy and gender reassignment surgery and that it’s publicly funded. But the Government has dismissed the idea, with Health Minister Jonathan Coleman describing the
idea as "nutty". Gender reassignment is currently free for limited numbers and now the proposal will move to the next stage of which there are at least three before it hits any official status, Barnett said. Labour leader Andrew Little hadn’t had the issue raised with him personally and said he hadn’t given it a great deal of thought. "I’m quite happy with my gender."

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Articles Connexes:

Spivak said it’s possible that grassroots organizations of all political types could take cues from jefferson county and mount similar campaigns against board members who back unpopular policies