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not stop whisking for longer than the time it takes you to wag your whisking hand, run it through your hair, and mutter, "I fucking hate this shit." What you’re doing here is creating an emulsion of the constituent parts of butter: water, milk solids, and milk fat. In short, it’s butter that has melted without breaking down, at temperatures at which butter would typically break down. The French call it beurre mont the bastards, and it is glorious. Done correctly it looks not like melted butter, but like liquid butter the exact same color and opacity as solid butter, only liquid instead of solid. You added the butter cold and you whisked it constantly so that it wouldn’t be able to get hot enough to separate before you’d beaten it into an emulsification. It’s a lot of annoying, tiring work, especially if you have carpal tunnel syndrome like everyone in the world, but it’s worth it. Just you wait and see. Keep whisking. When you’ve melted the last of the butter, turn the heat all the way down to its lowest

eight other localities suggesting that remnant populations conceivably exist elsewhere. It was common in the early 20th century and apparently locally common as recently as 1954. Subsequently, unconfirmed reports suggested it was common in the recent past in the extreme south of the island. However, the paucity of reports from hunters and very low encounter rate by fieldworkers suggests
Wholesale NBA jerseys that numbers have become very low. Subsequently, however, the paucity of reports from hunters and very low encounter rate by fieldworkers suggests that numbers have become very low. It is not known whether or not it undertakes altitudinal, seasonal
Wholesale NFL jerseys or nomadic movements. It has been recorded breeding in May. In Mt. Siburan IBA, the species has been recorded in various habitats: (1) in an open area of the forest floor under closed canopy forest surrounded with limestone outcrops and boulders, (2) in bamboo thickets with numerous rattans, bounded by primary closed canopy forest, (3) close to a pool in a dry riverbed in closed canopy

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