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and ownership), and secondly you will have restrictions imposed on you that you would not have while owning your own house. However, as a short term solution, renting a home in a new area can be ideal while you save money and slowly shop for your dream home. I often recommend this to people who are relocating from the north and are not sure of where they want to buy or how big of a house they want to purchase. The cost of buying a home is not cheap, we all know and respect that. Depending on the location that you choose within the Tampa Bay area, the costs can vary. Buying a home entails many costs especially if you do not have the immediate finances. But the rewards of home ownership make it all worthwhile. Some of the costs to consider are the initial down payment, closing costs, property inspections, taxes and of course homeowners insurance. In a renting situation, the landlord usually covers the costs of maintaining the apartment (fixtures, property landscape, etc). But of course, the rent that you pay will

Cat Tails When a short newsletter I subscribed to stopped publishing, I decided that was my sign to begin. What can a reader expect from an issue of Cat Tails?Publisher: A smile, maybe a laugh out loud, interesting information, and a lot of fun celebrating cats. What is the most rewarding aspect of publishing Cat Tails?Publisher: Meeting, via email, and corresponding with my subscribers; subscribers
sharing stories about and pictures of their cats with me; sometimes solving problems they are having; and, of course, receiving thank you notes about how much they enjoy Cat Tails. Is there anything else that you like to mention about Cat Tails?Publisher: Cat Tails has changing content, meaning the format is not set. We always have a quote, poem or thought about cats in Mewsings, a story in A Cat "Tail," something funny in A Kitty Witty, and usually 1 3 cute pictures, but the other columns (tips on a variety of topics, health and behavior information, feline facts, and a final tidbit at the tail end) change each week, and I think that makes
it more interesting. You never know what you will find in Cat Tails. Join us! If you LOVE cats, you will love Cat Tails!

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Articles Connexes:

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