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Compulsory voting won’t fix young people’s disenchantment with mainstream politics The introduction of compulsory first time voting will not engage today’s teenagers in politics or create good voting habits in future, suggests research funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). Only 44 per cent of 18 24 year olds voted in the 2010 General Election. That young people seem to be increasingly reluctant to vote is a major concern to politicians, prompting proposals such as compulsory first time voting as well as Labour Party leader Ed Miliband’s recent call for lowering the voting age to 16. But, argues Nottingham Trent University researcher Professor Matt Henn: "There’s no quick fix for young people’s current disaffection with politics. If politicians are serious about making young people part of our democracy, then they must introduce a raft of well thought through programmes and systems that make young people feel that participation is meaningful and worthwhile." Compulsory first time

of getting welfare because you signed up for the program and chose not to work? (Which is the same as signing up for a multi level program that you don’t do any work on building yourself). Forget the money, which one is more satisfying to your soul? Nothing against these programs, as with everything, 20% of the people involved make 80% of the money. That’s true in every industry and yes, some people make a lot of money, but they work their butts
off to get there. They deserve the money they EARN. If you’re looking for a free ride, it ain’t gonna happen my friend. It takes commitment and a good work ethic to produce results no matter what you’re doing. A big problem with these programs is that almost everyone who jumps in is hoping to pay some cash in the hopes
of cashing out like they bought a lottery ticket. Business opportunities aren’t lottery tickets. I know this flies against the lack of common sense used by the "biz op seeking herd of sheep," but it’s the flat out truth. Do you know of ANY business

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And some states create a disincentive to offering full-day kindergarten, he said, by not paying any more over at this portal write my essay for a full-day program than they would for half-day classes