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The Length of a Professional Hockey Game Although hockey features rules concerning the length of each game, certain things can happen that will extend the game significantly. Overtime, injuries and the fact that the clock stops
on every whistle cause games to last much longer than their 60 minute time limits. The league also mandates a 17 minute intermission after the first and second periods to flood and ice and provide the players with a rest period. During the 2003 2004 season, the average NHL game lasted two hours and 19 minutes, which remains significantly lower than the two hours and 36 minutes that NHL games averaged in 1986 1987. Overtime and Shootout If a game has a tied score at the end of the 60 minutes of standard playing time, the teams will play an additional overtime period of five minutes. If neither team scores during this additional time, the teams will take part in a three player shootout. No time limits exist during the shootout, as it will continue until one team wins. The National Hockey League Commercial Coordinator handles all of these commercial breaks and fits them into the game when needed. Overtime in the Stanley Cup uses 20 minute periods, ending when one team scores a goal. Each intermission during the playoffs lasts an additional 15 minutes. The longest overtime in NHL history occurred in 1936 when the Detroit Red Wings defeated the Montreal Maroons 1 0 after 116 minutes and 30 seconds of overtime.

is a very important one as it will mobilize activity and direct the attention of stakeholders. The government has brought on board industry leaders. The fact that this is held out as an important initiative of the prime minister means that there will be serious follow up action." No one is quarreling with the need to
boost manufacturing, but Pankaj Chandra, professor of production and operations management at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, says that the government must take a proactive approach if it wants to get results. "In the past, the bureaucrats didn’t do their part of the job. They did not have the strategic framework," Chandra notes. "There were the big manufacturing investment zones. But the bureaucrats couldn’t see beyond a real estate play. And manufacturing is everything but a real estate play. The world over, manufacturing has changed. Modern manufacturing is about science and technology, R new processes, innovation, skills and quality. If we can’t do all this, I

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Articles Connexes:

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