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sought to keep blood glucose levels from getting so high or low that patients would show symptoms, such as blurred vision or shortness of breath. The trial ended in 1993 when the intensive group was found to have less eye, nerve and kidney disease. All participants were then taught the intensive blood glucose control techniques and early, good control of blood glucose was recommended for all people with type 1 diabetes. The EDIC study was then launched to continue tracking the health of all the participants. Since 1983, 107 trial participants have died, with 64 in the group that originally received standard treatment, compared with 43 in the intensive treatment group.
The most common causes of death were cardiovascular disease at 22 percent, cancer at 20 percent and acute diabetes complications at 18 percent, all of which were more common in the group that originally received conventional treatment. Accidents or suicide were the fourth most common cause of death at 17 percent, with nominally more deaths in the

to brunch. Chilaquiles are rendered with a light hand and served with a gleefully fiery salsa verde on the side. Duck fat biscuits come topped with gravy boosted with sausage made a few doors down at Mercado, plus a pair of perfect sunny side up eggs. Fabulous pastrami hash (the pastrami is house made) also gets the sunny side up crown (it’s shown on the cover). Go early to avoid a long wait. 614 W. Davis St., Dallas. 214 367 9367. Sunday only; no reservations. Brunch dishes $8 to $16. Cafe on the Green There’s nothing more festive than a brunch buffet and the most sumptuous one around can be found in the restaurant at the Four Seasons. No,
that’s not Champagne in the mimosas (it’s Carousel, an inexpensive white sparkler from France), and the quality of the seafood isn’t what you’d find on the dinner menu. But it is an impressive spread nonetheless, with terrific smoked trout and mackerel, mountains of crab claws and shrimp, beautiful salads and a wall of breads (house made croissants, muffins and more). There’s

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