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. Charles are just a few of the many great cities in our area that exhibit the small hometown feel with their downtown shopping opportunities. History, charm and treasures await your next shopping adventure in these local venues. 3. The Naper Settlement offers history and fun
in Naperville. Located at 523 S. Webster St. in downtown Naperville, the Naper Settlement is a museum village of 19th century homes, shops and public buildings that exhibit a collection of historical facts and furnishings. Visit their website or call the Settlement at 630 420 6010 2. Visit the Philips Park Zoo for free! This zoo features Bald Eagles, Gray Wolves, Cougars,
a Fox, an Arctic Fox, a Platinum Red Fox, North American River Otters, Llamas and a lot more. The Philips Park Zoo is located at 901 Ray Moses Drive in Aurora. 1. Water parks! There is no better way to cool off from the summer heat than in a family fun water park. Fortunately, you do not have to travel far to find relief, as the Fox Valley Park District sponsors two local

Scott Watson in court seeking judicial review Cook said the chief executive of the Department of Corrections failed to take into account the huge public interest in Watson’s case when considering his request for a meeting with White. The chief executive also failed to consider Watson’s right to freedom of speech. Cook said the case "absolutely deals with fundamental rights". A victim’s rights were important, but "not absolute" and sometimes there was a "greater good" that needed to be considered, he said. Cook discussed six key factors in his submission to the court about why the interview with White should be allowed, including: The fact the crime Watson was convicted of was "nationally known". There was "public doubt" regarding Watson’s guilt. Watson wanted to speak publicly about his case and the "miscarriage of justice" he believed he had suffered. He wanted an interview "recorded for accuracy" with a print journalist. He did not want the

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