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in the buzz marketing ethics debate. realize not all buzz marketing is subversive. Sometimes it just a case of getting people on the street and getting the word out. But stealth marketing, where you don know that something part of a marketing campaign because people don identify themselves as such?
I thinks it wrong. It unethical. Over the long term, when people find out, they will feel deceived and betrayed. Ultimately, it will damage a company brand equity. Bolton, who teaches consumer behavior at Wharton, recently discussed buzz marketing in her class. During the discussion several students identified themselves as buzz agents for various boutique marketing companies; some were currently aiding buzz marketing efforts for everything from forthcoming books to new consumer products. Most students were intrigued by the idea of buzz marketing, and few said they perceived any ethical conflict. claim that they only act as buzz agents for products they truly like; therefore, they aren lying when they praise them. They

Exercise Intensity Levels Intensity is the amount of physical power, expressed as a percentage of maximum, the body uses in performing an activity. This method is expressed in studies as the percentage of maximum oxygen consumption, or %
VO2 max. The oxygen consumption method is used most often in a research setting. Another method of measurement works with the increased heart rate that occurs with exercise. The greater the intensity of the activity being performed, the higher the heart rate. This method is expressed as a percentage of maximum heart rate or % MHR. Measuring heart rate is the method most often used to evaluate intensity in everyday life or to set the level of exercise in physical training. Low, moderate and high levels of exercise intensity, as measured by heart rate, are defined as follows: Low (or Light) is about 40 54% MHR. Moderate is 55 69% MHR. High (or Vigorous) is equal to or greater than 70% MHR. An individual’s maximum heart rate can be estimated by using the formula: 220 age in years

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