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and Perrins 1998), and larger gatherings of 1,000 2,000 individuals are also recorded from wintering grounds in Niger and Chad (Petkov et al. 2003). Habitat It shows a strong preference for fresh standing water (Snow and Perrins 1998; N. Petkov in litt. 2008) and is very rarely found on flowing streams or rivers (N. Petkov in litt. 2008). It requires shallow water 30 100 cm deep close to littoral vegetation for feeeding (del Hoyo et al. 1992; 2005b) and generally avoids large open areas (Kear 2005b; Scott and Rose 1996). In Bulgaria there is evidence that the species shows a preference for well vegetated, comparatively shallow wetlands with well structured mosaic vegetation and a diversity of microhabitats. reedbeds) are the major breeding habitats (del Hoyo et al. 1992; 2005b; N. Petkov in litt. 2008). Shallow banks with flooded vegetation and mudflats are particularly used for foraging during this season. The species shows a particular preference for breeding, moulting and staging on large river deltas

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Articles Connexes:

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