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to show improvement can be impacted by the following factors: Magnitude of the structural changes Success of the communication to all employeesCritical mass of the company itself Competency of the middle management group and their experience with structural and cultural change Competency of the executive staff and their people skills Effectiveness of leadership at all levels Severity of the financial crisis or level of financial success The restructuring change process begins with the strategic restructuring of the organization, which is required to "Stop the Bleeding." This process starts with the immobilization of the old culture. This is mandatory, as introduction of change into any existing culture is difficult at best. Introducing
change into a losing or stagnant culture is almost impossible. This change must deal with organization theory, social psychology and business history. It must be dynamic and include the introduction of fresh new leadership. This is a behavioral process. People can create

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Articles Connexes:

As mary jo foley has put it the bad news about the ad like the first seinfeld-gates ad, which aired a week ago, the latest microsoft consumer-focused ad does little, if anything, to endear microsoft or windows to consumers