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these results, which required owning a large block of stocks and immediately buying or selling when new recommendations were issued. The result would be annual portfolio turnover of 400%, causing such enormous transaction costs, such as taxes and commissions, that all of the extra gains would be destroyed. Although stock price predictions can be faulty, many academics believe investors should nonetheless read reports by analysts who have good track records, mainly for the detailed discussion of the companies. Buy and sell recommendations from underwriting analysts appear to be of little value, and even recommendations from more objective analysts should be scrutinized. Analysts have adopted lots of odd sounding verbiage to survive in an industry that frowns on anything other than a buy recommendation. Sophisticated investors know that if an analyst uses terms like "strong buy", "buy", "accumulate", "hold", and "reduce", everything other than "strong buy"

That an incredibly
interesting example. It touches on one of the skills that you talk about in the book, which is pitching. It easy to pitch a product. How do you pitch an insight? Pink: Oh, interesting. Well I think the insight in that case would be for some reason this is an area that isn that predisposed to mint flavors or
something like that. Or there a new emerging more natural kind of product that actually perking up in areas like yours. You can pitch basically that. It ultimately is an insight about a product. It an insight about how to run your business. But at the heart of it, especially in the confections business, it about what group of products you actually offer. Grant: Let come back then to the B in the ABCs buoyancy. We all face a lot of rejection as we try to achieve our goals. What are some of the most effective strategies you uncovered? Pink: One of my favorites, because it so counterintuitive, comes from some work by some folks at Illinois actually one of them is now here at Wharton and Mississippi

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